Getting the right photograph is crucial to making sure you have a great painting.  I include a photo session in with the price of the commission for those of you who are based in England.  This lasts around 1 hour.  Overseas customers can of course send me your photos and I can offer advice where needed.   It is important to get a photograph which you feel reflects the personality of your pet, and also one that will make a good painting.  

Mock up

Once a photograph has been agreed upon and you have decided which size and composition to go for, it is time for me to create a few ideas for the background.  I use photoshop to come up with different colours.

Mollybacklight6 this one.jpg


A deposit is now taken and/or instalment plan agreed upon.  I will give you a rough timescale for completion.  Invoices are sent through paypal.


I am in touch with you throughout the process and will send you several WIP shots.  I also put these on social media, but obviously if it is a surprise for someone then I wouldn't do that!  

During the painting


Finished Painting



Once the portrait is complete, you will be sent a final picture for approval.  The painting will then be varnished and framed if necessary.  Shipping is next day for UK and usually 3 working days for US.