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I have always been a keen artist and nature lover.  After University I moved to Spain and began painting seriously.  The sunsets were spectacular which I painted from a villa in the southern mountains.  When I returned to England, the Peak District motivated me in a different way.  One day I stumbled across some cows whilst photographing the landscape.  It was my first real encounter as I leant over a fence.  Soon they had all come over to give me a lick and say hello.  Cows, with their intelligence and curious nature remain one of my favourite animals to draw and paint to this day.

I have recently become fascinated by wildlife in particular the big cats like tigers.  They are a dream to paint with their contrasting stripes and whiskers.


Nature provides me with a constant source of inspiration.  I often spend considerable time with the animals I paint; they all have unique personalities which I try to capture.


I work very slowly, my paintings are usually worked on over several weeks or months to allow drying in between different layers.  Nowadays I paint entirely on aluminium.  I use a mixture of sable and synthetic brushes, carefully blending each brushstroke into the next to create a very smooth finish.  

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