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My fascination and love for animals developed from an early age.  I grew up on a small holding, where we grew our own fruit and vegetables.  Chickens, ducks and geese would provide us with fresh eggs each day.  We also had goats for milk and cheese.  Of course as a youngster I saw these as members of the family. They would be given names, and my brother and I became very fond of the animals we shared our home with-even Nelly the grumpy goat!


The interest I had for art was really passed on from my mother who experimented with many types of medium.  I was encouraged to do the same.  My sketch pads filled and filled.  When outside I would be sketching the animals, and when inside I would be sketching my parents as they watched television.  I was prolific.  So much so that my art teacher brought it to the attention of the rest of the class saying he had never seen such dedication, much to my own embarrassment.  I would use pastels, pen and ink, watercolour, charcoal, pencil and all sorts of mixed media.  Actually it wasn’t until college where I really got into oil paints. Encouraged by my teacher, I have not looked back since.


2023 ARC Salon Finalist

2022 American Art Awards 1st place realistic animals

2022 Artist Network Pet Portraits Best in Show 

2020 ARC Salon Semi-Finalist


2017 Southwest Art Magazine Artistic Excellence 2nd Place

2017 American Art Awards Best in Show

2017 Artist Portfolio Magazine 2nd place painting

2017 American Art Awards 1st place realistic animals

2014 Artist and Illustrators Artist of the Year finalist

2013 David Shepherd Wildlife Artist of the Year 'highly commended'

2012 BBC Wildlife Artist of the Year runner up


After my degree I began to settle into Accountancy.  However after a few years, I took a year off in Spain and picked up art again.  I painted what was familiar, the beautiful sunsets.  When I returned to England all that changed, and for the first time I painted a cow.  I became immediately fond of these animals with their curious, intelligent and gentle nature.  They became my favourite subjects.  There is something about getting close to a subject and having that connection.  Stroking a donkey or being licked by a goat can make important connections which follow through in the painting.  I have in recent years branched out from domestic animals to wildlife.  In particular big cats such as tigers are a dream to paint, although I haven’t tried tickling their ears...yet.

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If you have any questions or comments, please use the form to send a message to Sam.  You can also reach him by email at or by phone at +447543843996

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